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Interested Customer Leads with Accurate Information.


Our leads view our ads only if they have an interest in Max International and or the  MaxGXL or MaxWLX  and our newest product line of Max N-Fuze. Because your money and time are valuable, we put every lead through our extensive data check software to ensure the information is accurate and clean. Every lead order will include our own personal and professional call back system that is unique in the industry today.


See the offers your leads are responding to and how they are tracked in real time!

When you're calling leads, the more information you have the better. That's why, in addition to providing all the important contact info, we show you the exact ad your leads have filled out and how they've been qualified. We use a state of the art Tracking system that gives our clients a web surfing patent of the customer. Then you can use that information as a springboard to better conversations and connections. call us to see how this works and how it will skyrocket your business.

The Best Customer Lead Service in the Industry and that is what our Customer's are saying  see our Testimonial page.



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Sometimes you just want to talk or chat to someone who can help!. If You don't want to send an Email you can now Chat Live via Downloading Skype  to your computer. and please add my Skype Name "Leo-Sag"  to your Contact List. So if you just want to place a call and reach a real-live person on the phone or by Computer  .. you will have someone who understands your question and wants to find an answer. That's why The Super Achievers Media Center is available seven days a week to help!. Just pick up the phone and give us a call!

A Variety of Leads to Fit Your Needs.

You can choose from our 4 types of leads packages, our patented 100% Customer Driven Leads with a 70% or better sign up rate which Start at $15.00 each with special pricing for purchases of 10 or more. Or  maybe you have experience with leads and want to call only high-quality leads who have all been  prescreened by phone. Or maybe its our Special Business Opportunity leads that you want starting at $1.67 per lead with all the information needed to bring  on new business partners in this Opportunity.  Special packages are available  in this Category to only qualified distributors. Maybe you're new to leads and want a  lower cost lead  to "practice" your phone script and develop your skills. Or maybe you're looking for leads from your local area. Take a look at our site and you're sure to find the leads that fit your business and give you the best return on your investment.

If you're not sure which lead type will give you the best return, contact us and one of our 2 full time professionals will be happy to assist you. We'll help you put the perfect Customer package together based on your skills and your experience. And because we distribute exclusively for our Max International Associates whom just rely on our best Super Achievers Media Leads to build their businesses, we know which leads are producing results for them.                                                      Perfectly Unique & High Quality Content.

See the difference for yourself why our Leads are the Best

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